We are a charismatic band of bantering, cheeky chaps who have been friends with each other most of our lives. We’ve been schoolmates, flatmates, band mates and over the last 23 years as Buzz, we have evolved into a family. The first time we ever jammed all together it was sheer magic; everything just clicked effortlessly and it was clear that we had something really good. A day later we had our first gig booked, with just two weeks to get some songs together and choose a name for ourselves; ‘The Buzz Aldrin Memorial Hospital Second Eleven’. Don’t ask! Needless to say almost immediately, for ease, gig posters and verbal shorthand we are known as Buzz.

We fast became High Wycombe, and the surrounding area’s headlining Blues, Rock, Soul, Funk band with an awesome unique sound which everyone loved as much as we did! This carried on for some 20 years.For many years we were a covers band; at one point an 11 piece with backing singers and a brass section, playing pubs, music venues and festivals; 2/3 times a week. We went down a storm; fan’s saying that it was like ‘hearing their favourite song for the first time again’ and they absolutely loved the way we ‘Buzzed’ it up. We were hailed as ‘the only white band who could play Soul properly’; one of our favourite compliments!
We had a brief 2 year interlude as an acoustic jazz set, playing with Mac’s dad, Terry McAvoy; a brilliant jazz guitarist, before launching ourselves into the band we are today; a Buzz originals Blues Rock band!


Eventually, we got to a point where we decided we should either split up or become superstars!  So, 2 year ago we vowed to get serious and see if our hunch and what you, our fans, have been saying to us for years was true; that ‘Buzz are as good as the best ‘greats’ there are!’  Time for Buzz to join them out there…!


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