Buzz on Buzz

Wink from BUZZ

On Buzz:

“I said I was only going to do Buzz if we were going to have fun or I wasn’t interested. We never set out to do anything with it. The band was only going to be together for year anyway as Mac was moving to France; and he still is 21 years later! It didn’t bother me; I got to play with one of my favourite guitarist of all time; Mac, plus hang out with my flatmates; what could be better than that!”

On Sparkie:
“When you share a flat with someone for the best part of 15 years, you get to know someone pretty well. Sparkie really loves his music and he really loves playing; in fact I have always said, Sparkie is a bit of a ‘musical prostitute’ as he will play anything for money! However, that is a sign of what a great bass player he is because so many people want him to play with them.
Out of all the members of the band, Sparkie really does feel like a relative; I lived with Sparkie for longer than my own brothers! You know what they say… You can’t choose your relatives!”

On Mac:
“I’ve known Mac since I was five; he was my big brother’s mate. I remember when he got his first guitar. I think with having a great guitarist as a father, it was inevitable that Mac would follow in his footsteps.
I always loved going to see him in Lazy, which was also where I first met Sparkie and heard him play bass.
I always wanted to play guitar with Mac and being in Buzz for the last 21 years has given me the perfect opportunity to steal all his great riffs!”

On Nobby:
“Although I went to secondary school with Nobby, I didn’t really get to know him as he was one of the little kids in the years below me, he remembers me though! Now he’s not such a little kid; he’s the gentle giant in Buzz.
He is solid and dependable on drums and in life. He is an all-round great guy and everybody loves Nobby, wherever we go. This was evident when I saw his van outside the ‘Music on the Hill’ gig with, ‘We love you Nobby!’ written all over it in mud!”

Mac from BUZZ
On Buzz:
“Buzz n vibrating humming sound; rumour, thrill.”

On Wink:

“Wink (Wah-Wah, pond life van-packer) Dinkerson; Funky, dive-bombing, mutha fuckin’ fanged git!”

On Sparkie:

“Sparkie; Jazz twat, plank spanking maestro, voice of the QE2!”

On Nobby:

“Nobby; self-winding Rhythm machine with more feeling than an octopus on E’s!”

On Mac:
“Mac; Bandy legged Whiskey drinkin’ piss-head. Voice like a bucket of pigs phlegm. Lucky to have these ladies to make me look good…….2,3,4!”

Sparkie from BUZZ
On Buzz:
“We’ve been together for about 4,000 years, (it feels longer) but when we get in the groove we’re all 16 again and grinning like f*ckin’ idiots! Positive or negative; we are forever a family. When its right, you get the Buzz; there’s nothing like us.”

On Mac:

“Mac is a natural on the guitar, not a technical wizard; he has a genuine feel and passion for the instrument. When he puts it on; it becomes part of him. Great soloist and works his guitar with his vocals. Has a tendency to hit a bum note now and again but will then bend it until it sounds kinda right!! He’s a great songwriter.”

On Wink:

My bruvver! We built Buzz from an idea back in the dark ages. Wink is a great guitarist, great rhythm player and soloist. He totally underrates himself, he’s got a great feel for a funky groove and can rock out with the best of them!!

On Nobster:

I’ve known Mr Nobby since he used to come and watch mine and Mac’s band ‘Lazy’ many yonks ago. I used to go and see his very first band and have watched him grow and grow into a formidable force on the drums. I love working with Nobby, he listens!!! He doesn’t just play the drums to a song, he uses the drums to be part of the song, which is why it works so well.

Nobby from BUZZ
On Buzz:

Playing you can’t teach, that comes from our hearts and by the seat of our pants!
Buzz is a family of a really good, long-standing friends; we’re tight and really enjoy each other’s company. Whenever we’ve had a stand-in it’s never felt like it really ‘worked’; always felt like something was not quite right.
From loving seeing bands and wanting to be in one, to getting the bug and then to actually be in the best band you could ever hope to be in, is a real reward! We would be fools to waste what we have; we would never get it back again.
Until now I’ve always felt that Buzz was one of the World’s best kept secrets!

On Wink:

I truly great natural player who doesn’t know how good he really is and he plays from his heart.

On Mac:

The most incredible front man. His vocals are outstanding with guitar playing you couldn’t teach!
He has a prolific talent for songwriting. His lyrics, vocals and guitar playing blend together seamlessly.
Mac has everything you’d expect a brilliant Rockstar to have, and then some!

On Sparkie:

Simply the best bass player I have ever sat alongside, in any groove. Sparkie and I play so well together. Over time we have learned to read each other’s body language so well that we know each other inside out when we play together.
Sparkie is a highly accomplished musician; one of the best I’ve played with and it’s always a pleasure to play with him. He’s a bloody Leo!

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