Guitar and Lead Vocals

Born 2000 B.C.

MAC LEAD SINGER WITH ROCK BAND BUZZThe Lyrics to ‘Not Dead Yet’ will tell you everything you need to know about me. “We live, we learn – we drink we forget.”

My dad’s a Jazz guitarist and taught me how to play; well he tried but as soon as he showed me how to play a 12 bar blues I was a lost cause. F*ck that twiddley sh*t, let’s rock!

First band formed at school called Solid Silver (nice), did a lot of old Rock ’n Roll stuff and a few Beatles tunes.

Formed Lazy at college; original rock stuff, bought a bus, dropped out of college and gigged all over the shop. Happy daze!

I joined Panama (very metal) of which the highlight was playing to a packed Marquee Club….. Then Buzz.

Favourite musician: Paul Rogers - Vocals, Billy Gibbons - Guitar

Guilty pleasure: F*cked if I’m telling you!

What I would like on my head stone is from an Aerosmith song: “My get up and go, got up and went.”



I started playing guitar when I left school. At that time my ambitions were simply to learn guitar, play in a rock band, and grow my hair long. nothing much has changed and I achieved all three! I quickly formed a band with friends, named ‘Crawback’; we were the first rock band ever to play open air in Amersham; which was such a big deal at the time that it made the papers!

Later I joined ‘Egon the Worms’, who Sparky already played for and performed in and around Wycombe. Mr Egon; ‘Our Glorious Leader’ and us Worms were famous for our massive pre-gig productions and themed shows; ‘The Valentine’s Day Massacre’ on Valentine’s Day, The ‘Come in Your Pants Party’, to name but 2. Themes were kept secret till the last minute, then the posters would ‘appear’, fans and followers would show up in themed costumes to a packed show!

When Egon finished, I jammed for about a year until Buzz was formed 23 years ago and it’s all I’ve done ever since.



Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Backing Vocals


I started playing the piano at the tender age of 12, carried it through to grade 3 then a few years later discovered the Electric Guitar, then naturally progressed to the Bass.

Had a couple of ‘School Bands’ then after learning my trade I started auditioning for Bands.

One fine day… I did a little gig in Wycombe College Student Union bar. I met up with this spotty Herbert called Mac, they gave him my phone number, he phoned me up, he needed a bass player for his band ‘Lazy’. I went down to Chalfont St Giles, met some more Herbert’s! Moved to High Wycombe 2 weeks later!

In 1986 I rented out this house in Tylers Green (later to become notorious in the area and referred to as ‘The Flat’ – you all know who you are!) and needed a third person. I’d heard this ‘hippy man’ Wink, who was a family friend of Mac’s, was looking. Wink and I join this crazy, mad, Tylers Green punk band, Egon and the Worms. This band were massive in Wycombe in the late 80’s. We had a lot of fun. Got a lot of stories. Another time perhaps?…..

When Egon finished Wink and I decided it was time for another band – just some fun play some great covers. So, I ask Nobby, who plays a little drums and is getting a bit good. We start messing about in the studio with a few other people but we need a singer. Mac came along to a jam and ‘Buzz’ was born!! First gig, 2nd April 1991, ‘Nags Head’, supporting the great Harrold Juana. Read the Buzz Biography!!

I’ve played in Buzz ever since but as everyone knows, I am a bit of a gig tart (not my phrase) so I have played with many wonderful musicians and bands along the way!



Drums and Percussion

I started playing drums when I realised I couldn’t sing! Since then I have progressed in a home-grown manner and I’ve never looked back. Drumming has taken me all over England, Ireland and Europe.

I’m a tonal player with many styles, with a keen ear, who loves to groove and play live.

Musical influences - Led Zepplin, The Cramps, Julian Cope, Ian Dury, The Faces, Pink Floyd, Cypress Hill.

I love hip-hop to rock; my head’s all over the place!

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